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The 7-Week Advantage

Value of a 7 Week Program

The key value of Camp—that success is defined by effort rather than outcome—combined with the wide variety of activities available to campers throughout the decades, has helped ensure that for many Winnebagans their life journey has been enhanced by what they have learned at Camp.

If camp were just about fun, the amount of time spent at camp would be far less important. However, it is clear from human development studies that fundamental growth takes time for children to develop skills, outstanding character and their true best selves. There is no way to rush this deep social learning.

The full benefits of camp go beyond the individual. Camp strives to give boys experiences of connection and depth of relationships, of knowing the vital sense of being part of something bigger than self. At camp, boys evolve their social-emotional learning and understand the quality of being fully present as a human with each other, which takes time.

While the rest of the world is increasingly hectic, Winnebago is not. A summer at Winnebago represents a series of life-changing events that helps boys become more confident, well-adjusted and happy young men all while cultivating who they are. Whole child development takes time and produces character development that will benefit campers for the rest of their lives.

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“When I attended Camp Winnebago from 1950 to 1958, I found it to be a camp full of great sporting activities, out of camp trips learning outdoor skills, and warm and caring staff. During the past 6 years I have returned to run 10 day chess activities. I find Camp Winnebago better than ever. Great campers, great counselors. Two of my grandchildren currently attend Winnebago and the 2 months at camp highlight the year.”
– Camper Testimonial
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