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Athletics & Activities  

“Anything you could possibly want is at camp” - Winnebago camper

View our videos to see some amazing footage of our Athletics and our Activities. Click on the tiles below to learn more about just some of the amazing things you can do at Camp Winnebago!


Camp has three courts on different surfaces; a clay, hard and beach court that offers variety and differing emphasis. We teach passing, setting, hitting and serving, and additionally we focus on communication, body control, and footwork.


There is no better place to learn to swim than at Camp Winnebago’s waterfront. Our swim instructors are experienced at teaching at every level from beginner to those who are perfecting their strokes and turns. Boys swim twice everyday: in the morning they receive expert swim instruction by skill level and in the afternoon they have free swim where they are able to noodle about or take a turn jumping off the high dive or waterslide.


We have 2 outdoor and 1 indoor court, with 16 hoops total. We focus instruction on ball-handling, passing, shooting, rebounding, and defense, while the games are focused more heavily on teamwork. We also compete in inter-camp games throughout the summer.


Camp has 2 baseball fields which host a variety of both instructional and competitive games. We take advantage of our batting cage to help hone in on the fundamentals of hitting and teach skills such as the basics of catching, fielding, base running and throwing, with an additional emphasis on the mental side of baseball.


Newcomb is a volleyball variation for younger campers that substitutes throwing and catching for passing and hitting. Playing Newcomb gets the campers accustomed to the proper foot work and body positioning for when they will be playing volleyball later in their Winnebago career.

Wilderness Experiences

Our overnight Wilderness camping program is a hallmark experience that sets Winnebago apart. So much so that it needs its own page. To learn more, visit our Wilderness Experiences page.


We play kickball for Brown Vs. Green, where two teams face off with baseball-like rules, but kick the ball instead of batting.


We teach lacrosse focusing on the basics of throwing and catching, cradling, and communication. We compete against other camps in single game tournaments.


We have two soccer fields, one full size, and one shortened field for the younger campers. Instruction is focused on passing, dribbling, shooting, and goaltending, as well as games in which we focus on teamwork and tactics.


Camp has 3 softball fields that host our two major leagues of play: Color War (Brown Vs. Green) and the After Supper League (a softball and volleyball league that has older campers, and staff that play together on teams throughout the summer).

Flag Football

At camp, we play flag football for Brown Vs. Green and maintain the spirit of the game.


We play different variations of dodgeball all over camp. We play circle dodgeball for Brown Vs. Green, in which one team is in a circle dodging while the other team surrounds them trying to get them out. We also play a multi-ball variation called bombardment on the basketball court where there is a center line, and the two teams face off with progressive rule changes throughout the game.


Tennis is one of the most popular sports at Winnebago. Our 7 Har-Tru courts are used a lot. Boys from beginner to advanced work with our staff of six instructors to advance their skills and play both ladder, intra- and inter-camp matches throughout the summer. Campers and counselors alike compete in both Brown Vs. Green, all camp tournaments, and in their free time.

Ultimate Frisbee

Using both and instructional and game scenarios, campers learn the basics of backhand and forehand throws, how to cut and use set plays. Additionally, campers will learn both offensive and defensive strategies for play.

Frisbee Golf

We have a beautiful, 9 hole course, set out through the whole of camp. Play for fun, putt for glory, work on correcting mistakes, and encourage your peers!

Street Hockey

We have two hockey rinks at camp, one indoor and one outdoor. We play for Brown Vs. Green, and it is a very popular after dinner activity, as campers shoot and score!


Learning to shoot a recurve bow and arrow is one of the most popular activities at camp. Breathing, focus and calm nerves helps campers gain a sharp shooters eye and precise aim.


Echo Lake providers a natural playground for skiers and knee-boarders of all-levels. Our boat instructors practice deep water starts when campers yell “Hit It!” They can combo ski and drop to a slalom or slalom from the get go. Camp’s first class ski-boat is a popular activity among campers and all boys will have an opportunity throughout the summer.


What does it feel like to surf across the surface of Echo Lake powered by the wind? Learn how to hold a sail upright, point it in the right direction and off you go! What a thrill it is!

Boating & Canoeing

Boating & Canoeing (known as B&C) is a foundational activity. Campers learn the basic strokes of canoeing up to advanced techniques such as canoe over canoe rescue that enable them to guide a canoe safely on both Echo Lake and their overnight canoeing adventures.


Every Wednesday, campers and counselors alike gather at the Outdoor Supper Field for dinner. Each bunk builds their own fire, grills their dinner and enjoys it along the shores of Echo Lake on picnic tables. Our Campcraft staff host these dinners and bring along toppings of lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and onions, as well as delicious sides dishes of potato salad, green salads and chips, as examples. After safely putting out their fires, boys race to have ice cream cones from Camp Store.


Gaga is a fast paced, high energy sport played in an octagonal pit. The game is played with a soft foam ball, and combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a ball below the knees. Players need to keep moving to avoid getting hit by the ball. Fun and easy, everyone gets a seriously fun workout. As soon as you get out, you can't wait to hop back in! 


Campers learn the basics of sailing to advanced racing techniques in both Sunfish and Laser style boats. Echo Lake provides a perfect setting to practice and play!


Our riflery program is predicated on safety. Campers learn all aspects of gun safety, from handling a 22 rifle to loading and firing. Available to campers who have completed the 5th grade or older.


Each age group puts on a play for the friendliest audience performers will ever see. From fairy tales to Shakespeare to Broadway, the Winnebago lights shine bright when we gather in the Lodge for a play.


The Winnebago Afternoon Gazette (WAG) is the camp newspaper. Campers produce the articles, edit and manage the layout. From topical camp subjects to world news to original comics, many a reporter and editor began their career working for the WAG. It is usually published twice weekly at camp and put online for families to keep up with the news from camp.


Woodworking is a camper favorite where they safely learn to use jigsaws, lathes and other power tools to create such projects as Cars, boats, canoe paddles, chess boards, ping pong paddles, cutting boards and more!


Campers produce and direct their own videos. From comedy to irony, creativity is emphasized as campers learn how to edit, overlay and and add music to their creations. Periodically, the camp will watch the videos as part of an evening program; usually a highlight of the summer.


Another foundational activity, Campcraft is a course designed to teach campers the basic camping skills they will need to be successful on their overnight trips. Essential survival skills such as fire building, cooking, pitching a tent and using a compass are included in the course.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts is a way to build artistic and craftsmanship talent by getting creative. We have two wheels and a kiln in pottery, learn techniques to both sketch and paint and dabble in traditional camp favorites such as making items like friendship bracelets and tie dye.


Learn classic photography skills by taking pictures and developing your own film in our darkroom. Campers also learn how to use and manipulate a digital camera as well.


Nature uses camp's setting as a classroom for exploration and identifying plants and animals. We explore our environs from the microscopic to the towering forest canopy, no rock is left unturned and no stream or pond left unexplored.


WINN 1620 is camp’s radio station fully run by self-directed shows by campers. Learn how to make shows, blend music and more! Campers also create podcasts that we put on the web for parents to listen to at home.

Music at camp can be found on WINN radio, during rest hour when counselors play guitars and camper sing along or during assembly music nights when campers and counselors alike share their talents. Winnebago has a long history of singing traditional camp songs. Campers get a hearty rendition of Happy Birthday on their special day. When trips return and campers first glimpse Echo Lake they cheer their trip leaders. Each night ends with the acapella, Goodnight Winnebago with all campers and staff connected by arms around one another.  

Each year, camp plants an herb and a vegetable garden to teach horticulture as well as to reap the benefits in our kitchen! Campers assist in planting, cutting and weeding as they watch tomatoes, peppers, green beans and kale grow in the Maine summer sun. There is not a better way to teach about horticulture than to watch it from start to plate!


Echo Lake is known to fishermen all over Maine for its pristine fishing for species as small as sunfish and perch to larger large mouth bass, brook trout and landlocked salmon. Andy has show many a camper his favorite spots while teaching them the best way to set the hook and reel in that catch!


Paddleboarding has become increasingly popular at camp. On calm days, campers can paddleboard Echo Lake slipping silently pass loons and standing at the vantage point to see through the clear waters to the marine life below.

Ropes Course (High & Low)

Camp hosts two ropes courses, one high course nestled in the trees and a lower course on the forest floor.

Our low ropes course hosts 12 structures and is used for activities to focus on group problem solving and team building

Our high course requires belaying and while fun, is designed to build trust and focus during demanding situations. Our staff receive special training each year to ensure safe operations and supportive techniques. Campers end their high ropes experience by dropping into the zip line carrying them through the Maine woods canopy.

Water Polo

We play water polo in the lake with floating goals. A game that is like aquatic soccer, it takes stamina, solid swimming and deft passing to be successful. Younger campers use noodles to help them get around. 


We have two tetherball courts at camp that campers take advantage of to play during free time. A classic timeless game where one player tries to wrap a ball around a pole in one direction while the other player tries to do the same in the opposite direction. Campers left to their own discretion will play for hours.

Capture the Flag (Patrol game)
One of the most popular and memorable events, campers get psyched to play in the Patrol Game that pits half the camp against each other. The offense tries to get into the Box and score points for your team while the defense attempts to keep them out. Wherever you play, it is an intense game of running and dodging and takes supreme strategy to be successful.
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